Best Seed Banks: A Comparison of the Top Cannabis Seed Companies 2017

Finding the best seed banks to buy quality marijuana seeds from can be tricky with the number of options available now. Plus, most of those options will rip you off with low-quality seeds which are either overpriced or might not get delivered to your address.

We know that because we’ve experienced those too.If you are looking for the best seed banks to buy marijuana seeds from, then you will surely love this post.

Here, we have reviewed and compared the best seed banks available now. We have spent our time and money for these cannabis seed companies.

Best Seed Bank Comparison Chart

Seed BankSeedsCustomer ServicePayments Accepted Shipping Overall Rating 
Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds (AMS)- High germination rate with many strains to choose from.Responsive Email Support with Phone lines.Credit Card, Bitcoin, Cash, Bank Transfer, & Western UnionWorldwide Discreet Shipping10/10 VISIT WEBSITE
Crop King Seeds (CKS)- carries own brand with at least 80% germination success rate guarantee

Live Chat, Email & Phone (24/7)Credit Card, Bitcoin, Cash, Western Union, PayPalWorldwide Discreet Shipping9/10 VISIT WEBSITE
I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM)- Many strains to choose from.
- High germination rate.
- Email & ForumCredit Card, Cash, Bitcoin, & Bank TransferWorldwide Discreet Shipping (Except Some Countries)9/10 VISIT WEBSITE
Marijuana-Seeds.NL- huge collection of strains
- wholesale pricing available
- Email Support - Credit or Debit Card, Bank Wire, Cash, International Money order Discreet shipping with Free Shipping Offer8/10VISIT WEBSITE
Seeds Man- many strains to choose from
- carries CBD oil and other products too
- email and support system integrated in the website- Bitcoin, Credit Cards, Bank Transfer, & Cash- Stealth Shipping Worldwide with Tracking8/10 VISIT WEBSITE

Best Marijuana Seed Banks 2017 Review

1. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

AMS is one of the companies that are based in the Netherlands. It has received positive customer reviews, being known as the home of some of the best-known cannabis strains in the marijuana world, including Cheese, White Widow, Skunk, and several others.

What I like about them:

  • I love the fact that they have a fast customer service
  • Based on experience, they have above average rates of germination
  • Their order process is very easy to follow
  • They offer stealthy delivery which takes around 1 to 3 weeks
  • The company gives 20 free marijuana seeds upon ordering online

What I don’t like about them:

  • I can’t seem to find any details regarding discount promo codes or coupon

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds offer worldwide shipping, including Canada and the USA. What makes them different is that they have an affiliate program for individuals who would also want to sell marijuana seeds online.

2. review presents some great feedback about this company. The website is also known as the MSNL online shop. It is interesting that this website offers what they really promise.

What I like about them:

  • When the company said that they offer quality products, they really did
  • They offer bargains online
  • The company delivers fast
  • Their inventory includes strains that are sought-after
  • They do not stock for over two months
  • They offer either “standard stealth” and “guaranteed stealth”

What I don’t like about them:

  • There was one time when I used the website’s contact page, expecting that I would get a response in a period of 24 hours. However, it took more than two days before I received a reply.

The company offers a wide range of high-quality products, available at reasonable prices, which makes it as the brand’s reputation in the marijuana industry.

3. ILGM Company (

The company was established by a breeder based in Amsterdam, named Robert Bergman. It is known as a worldwide distributor of cannabis seeds and at the same time a good resource for marijuana enthusiasts who want to learn more about proper plant security and care.

What I like about them:

  • The company offers free shipping
  • They also offer some amazing freebies
  • The company has a secure payment system

What I don’t like about them:

  • I am not comfortable with the fact that the seeds are unbranded
  • The customer service is average-low
  • There is an review saying that their orders were not delivered and received.

The website also provides useful information regarding techniques on harvesting and selling seeds. In fact, they provide a free Marijuana Grow Bible as an extra gift for their many customers and clients, all compiled out of the founder’s more than 20 years breeding expertise.


The company has been in the marijuana industry since 2003. Most of the reviews are positive. This company stands out in this industry because a part of the profits of the company is used for the campaign towards the legalization of marijuana in the world.

What I like about them:

  • The company offers amazing customer support, with response expected within 48 hours
  • Wide range of seed selection, as the company sells seeds directly from breeders
  • The website of the company is straightforward and simple
  • The company offers a Loyalty program

What I don’t like about them:

  • The shipment usually takes long, especially when ordered outside Europe

The arrangement in the company is also different in a way that they sell cannabis seeds coming from other breeders. This means less personal strains, but the goal is to offer a wider range of strains.

5. Crop King Seeds

This company is easily recognizable in the cannabis industry. The company has been in this business since the earlier part of the 2000s, teaming up with several breeders, thus offering a wide range of strains for the customers to enjoy. While the company was shut down in 2005 due to some regulations, the company opened again in 2012.

What I like about them:

  • The reputation of the company is amazing
  • Customer service is outstanding
  • Availability of some of the most potent cannabis strains
  • Offers marijuana seeds with high germination rates
  • The website is helpful in providing marijuana related information

What I don’t like about them:

  • Quite expensive for shipping to countries outside Canada, and for express shipping with tracking options as well.

According to review from customers, it is one of the best in this field. While the inventory is quite limited, but this is only due to the time spent by the company to engineer every strain offered.

How to find the best seed banks?

As of the moment, there are a lot of seed banks gracing the marijuana seed-selling industry. Identifying where you can get the best quality seeds and understanding the process involved in purchasing can turn out to be two different things. In order to be successful in your marijuana growing project, it is highly recommended to start with the basics.

One, it is vital to determine which seed banks are reliable. After all, just like any other online stores, there are some that operate with fraud in mind. However, if you know how to find the best ones, this would not become a problem. Also, it is as important to understand the common process involved in the actual purchase. This will also ensure your safety. This guide provides elaborate information, providing you with all the things that you need to know before purchasing marijuana seeds online.

What makes the best marijuana seed banks?

In order to identify the best marijuana seed bank, there are some things that you need to take into consideration. Among them are the delivery range, shipping methods available, as well as payment options available.

Criteria #1 – Do the marijuana seed bank ship to your country?

If you are purchasing marijuana seeds from a different location, it is important that you know if the seed bank ships to your country. For this, it is very important to acknowledge the fact that shipping regulations from one country may vary with another. At the same time, these regulations may also change quite often, highly depending on the success rates of the shipment of seeds delivered.

In those places where success rates for delivery are relatively lower, shipments may be discontinued, including the delivery of other products related to marijuana growing. At times, this discontinuation of delivery may just be temporary, just allowing time to pass in order to change certain shipping methods.

There are also seed banks that ships to certain areas where the success rates in delivery are low, provided that the buy will take the responsibility for packages that are not delivered. In order to be guided accordingly, it is better to read the terms carefully, especially the part which explains whether the company ships to your country or not. While there are areas in which delivery of seeds may be easier, such as the United States and Europe, there are also some which are incredibly challenging due to local laws.

Criteria #2 – Shipping Methods Used

Most of the time, shipment is done in a stealth, discreet manner. Online seed banks often engage in stealth shipping, which is described as the way in which the company sends the item to the mailing provider in such a way that all of the contents will not be identified obviously.

With stealth shipping, the products are usually disguised as another product, such as DVD cases, clothing items, books and other goods. This type of shipment will cover the seeds very well. Also, it is often a good idea to order from a company that is careful enough not to reveal the name of their company on the packaging of the shipment.

Before purchasing online for marijuana seeds, it is important to ensure that the seed bank that you are planning to purchase your seeds from engaging in a careful shipment process. There are even companies that directly offer stealth shipping to their buyers as an option. Certain seed banks can also give you a tracking number for your ordered package.

Keep in mind that most companies send orders through stealth packaging. As a matter of fact, this is just how these online seed banks thrive in this business. Even though there may be areas where purchasing of marijuana seeds is considered legal, most places still view marijuana as a dangerous substance, thus considering it as illegal. Most companies, as well as customers, usually depend on stealth packaging in order to ship items to customers safely.

Criteria #3 – Payment Options Available

There are also several options when it comes to making a payment for your ordered marijuana seeds. As a matter of fact, the options recently have increased in a way that it now includes newer, modern options, such as the use of bitcoins. With more and more online seed banks now accepting bitcoin for payments, online transactions can now be done in a way that cannot be traced easily.

While credit cards can be used, there is a huge possibility that your payments will be easily tracked. After all, this is considered as the traditional way of collecting payments. However, payments through credit cards leave highly traceable clues which can easily connect your name to a particular purchase.

On the other hand, more common payment options, such as bitcoin, are now being widely accepted. It has been categorized under digital currency, being referred as crypto currency. By paying bitcoin, you are easily operating beyond your central bank. These days, bitcoin has been considered as a digital exchange medium.

This type of currency is not backed by any bank or government, which shows that it is a currency that is decentralized, and highly controlled only by the people. This can also mean that payment through bitcoin can be done without worrying that you can be connected directly to the transaction.

When purchasing marijuana seeds online, bitcoin has become the preferred payment method. This may not turn out to be much of a concern if marijuana selling transactions are considered legal in your area. Still, it would be a good thing to take precautionary measures in order to protect your privacy and your personal information.

Another advantage in using bitcoin is that it can allow you to make instant payments and only expect very low fees. Many people tend to avoid this option because they do not know whether it is secured and safe. Some do not even know how to start. If you plan to use bitcoin in your next payment transaction, it is highly recommended to check your seed bank first in order to see whether or not it accepts this kind of payment method.

How to Choose the Best Marijuana Seed Bank?

When it comes to choosing the best marijuana seed bank, there are certain things that you also have to keep in mind. For one, your source should be really reliable. In order to find such reliable source, you may read on other marijuana seed bank reviews, as well as feedbacks directly coming from customers regarding a specific seed bank. Before placing your order, it is highly recommended to check the listing of the certification of the seed distributor. If all possible, it would also be of good help to check the number of years that the distributor has already spent in operating the business. Making sure that you only get your marijuana seeds from a reliable source will certainly make you feel confident regarding the safety of your information and privacy.

If you are planning to grow marijuana and get your seeds from an online marijuana seed bank, it would be helpful not to tell anyone. If all possible, it would also be safe not to brag to others, even to people who are close to you. Any marijuana-related activities should be discreetly performed, including getting your marijuana seeds. Also, it is best if you use a business credit card that carries your business address. In order to make sure that you are keeping security in place, make sure that the information that you place in your credit card details matches your personal information.

As you fill out the order form for your online purchase, it is highly recommended to include your public email address. A good marijuana seed bank will suggest not having the seeds delivered at the direct address of your garden, especially if you do not want to face any challenges. You may encounter some delays in the delivery of your order, but this is normal. Stay patient. This is particularly true if you are ordering marijuana seeds from another country. Rules on customs may have an impact on the overall delivery time.

Advantages and Benefits of Buying from an Online Marijuana Seed Bank

While it is possible to purchase marijuana seeds from a local dispensary, purchasing them from an online marijuana seed bank is preferred by many customers and growers. If you are interested in being presented with a lot of options with the availability of marijuana strains, purchasing them from an online seed shop is a great idea. There are several reasons why getting your seeds from an online seed bank is considered more advantageous than getting them from a retailer locally.

For one, you can expect a wide array of options for seed selection. There are a lot of choices that you can expect online, from Sativa to Indica, and even hybrids. Also, you can expect a good price. Various online seed banks and marijuana stores offer their seeds at a very reasonable price. You can even get better deals if you choose to purchase wholesale. At the same time, you can even get free seeds for completed orders.

With online options, you can also get the specific description on a particular strain, allowing you to see what you can expect out of a specific strain. Most of these online seed banks also come with customer service staff that can assist you if you have concerns and issues while processing your orders. These features are very convenient, allowing you to get your seeds fast and easy.

Why Grow Marijuana from Seeds?

Let’s accept it. Growing marijuana from clones can have their advantages. However, as several growers who have started recently to grow from seed can claim, clones can turn out to be problematic. The only advantage of growing out of a clone is that you have the guarantee that you will be growing an all-female batch. This means that you can already anticipate what you are getting since clones will be exactly identical to the mother plant. On the other hand, the drawbacks come as a result of being not produced via a natural sexual process. As a result, successive clone generations lose their vigor. This means that as you keep on cloning, aroma flattens, potency drops, and growing rates slow down.

On the other hand, when it comes to growing marijuana from seeds, there are a lot of good things that you can expect. For one, seed growers are free from legal risks usually involved in growing clones, most especially for growers in the USA. This is because maintaining more than 99 plants, of any type of size, may result in a prosecution which oftentimes involves long mandatory sentences. Seeds, also, do not take a lot of space, they are not perishable, and do not need electricity and labor to maintain. At the same time, when growing from seeds, growers are allowed to customize a strain for both their preferences and environment.

What now?

Finding the best seed banks where you can buy marijuana seeds that will grow can be tricky with the number of options and the many people who will try to rob you. You need time and effort to finding the one which can be trusted.

We have invested our time and effort so that you can save yours by writing this post. We’ve been scammed and robbed for a lot of times already that’s why we dedicated our time and money to find the best seed banks. We are sharing this to the marijuana community so that we can at least make a little difference with our help.

Our list of top marijuana seed companies are legit and can be trusted but the success of delivery to any country depends on a lot of factors as well like your laws, etc. It may happen that your seeds will get seized or lost in transit. “Don’t worry as nobody got in trouble for a few seeds in the mail”. They are seeds not weed.

The good thing about the seed companies that we can recommend is the fact that they have a high success rate of delivery to any country as they already have proven ways on how to ship the seeds very discreetly. If worse comes worst and you don’t receive your seeds, these companies won’t run away from you. Just contact their customer lines and they will help you.